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Torchlight Completes the Drilling Phase of its A11 #2 Well in the Company’s Orogrande Basin Project

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PLANO, Texas, Nov. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc. (TRCH("Torchlight" or the "Company"), today announced that the Company has completed the drilling phase of the A11 #2 well in its Orogrande Basin drilling program with operator Maverick Operating and drilling partner Wolfbone Properties.

The A11 #2 was drilled to a vertical depth of 4,009 feet and casing was set.  Well logs and core samples were taken prior to casing the well and are currently being analyzed. Electric logs show excellent hydrocarbon potential in multiple intervals with the presence of both oil and gas.  These intervals represent potentially economical conventional and unconventional formations with the primary zone targeted being a Wolfcamp unconventional. This zone appears to be 190 feet thick starting at 3,800 feet and extending to a depth of approximately 3,990 feet. 

To demonstrate the viability of movable hydrocarbons, Torchlight will complete the 190-foot interval using the most current well stimulation technology.  The successful completion of multiple Wolfcamp intervals is expected to confirm both vertical (conventional) and horizontal (unconventional) development potential.  Upon completing its preliminary log and core evaluation, the Company expects to have confirmed the existence of four additional Wolfcamp intervals.

The drilling rig will now move to the Company’s next well location, the University Hueco A39 #1.  Drilling will commence after the Thanksgiving holiday and Torchlight will be testing two shallower zones down to 3200 feet. The Company will drill to a total depth beyond 3200 feet in order to test additional Wolfcamp intervals encountered in the Rich A11 #2 well.

Rich Masterson, Project Geologist, stated, “From the preliminary core and log evaluation, there are 5 potential pay cycles of sedimentation with good oil cuts in cores and samples on all of them.  These cycles are composed of conventional and unconventional pay. Core evaluation is underway and electric logs show a mix of siltstones and dolomites with pore throat sizes and porosity in productive ranges.”

“We are excited to have indications of hydrocarbons on the A11 #2 and are ready to further our development thesis with the targets on the Hueco A39 #1,” stated John Brda, Torchlight’s CEO. “The results we are finding prove viability for much larger developmental undertaking and will accelerate our ongoing discussions with larger independents who have expressed interest in the Project as a partner or acquirer.”

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